7/21/18 – I am making progress

I spent of a good part of the day sleeping because of the hours I have been keeping. I am going to reset my circadian rhythm to take full advantage of S.A.V.E.R.S. But when you are setting a new website there are a lot of rabbit holes. I am making progress both on my website and new lifestyle choice. I posted and a couple of new links for me but you might find them interesting, or not, so check them out. I also cleaned up and organized the website files that I keep in my Dropbox account.

I went to The Game Closet a little after seven this evening and stayed until they closed a little after ten. I went there specifically to buy the hardback version of the Dungeon’s & Dragons 5th edition Player’s Handbook, unfortunately, Reg, the owner, sold his last copy this morning so I will have to wait until Tuesday to buy it. I could possibly buy it cheaper online, but I believe in supporting local businesses and I am using their store as my office. I need this book to roll (create) my D & D players. Reg, told me that he would try to bring his copy in tomorrow to borrow there. He also told me if I was looking either to start a new D & D group or join an existing group to type up a half page flier and he would post it. I will do that right after I post this entry and try to get there by eleven in the morning when they open.

I had a lengthy conversation with a D & D Dungeon Master who just recently disbanded his group because of the lack of dedicated players. He gave me a load of advice and suggestion which I truly appreciated but to learn the game you got to play the game and make mistakes.

They have a small microwave oven for 700 watts which is less than half the power of the one I use at home. I took a couple of bags of microwavable popcorn and took a scientific wild ass guess of three minutes and was right on my first try as it didn’t burn anything only left 12 kernels untouched. Now when I go to The Game Closet and can bring with my tiny igloo ice chest with a couple of bottle of flavored water, microwave popcorn, and some Hot Pockets® and I will be set for the day.

I spent the rest of my time there solving the puzzles in today’s paper. I wasn’t very successful but there is always tomorrow.

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