7/23/18 – An Incredible Monday night

Last night was a fantastic Monday night IMHO because I learned lots of stuff. First of I stopped by Ace Hardware before I went to my “Writing Novels That Sell” class at MCC to buy a ten-foot three-prong extension cord. I only had a 20-foot three-prong extension cord that people kept tripping over in class, besides the female end didn’t make a good connection to my laptop at times. My computer one time turned itself off because I wasn’t paying attention to the charging light. Well in my defense, the light was out so how could have known to watch for something that wasn’t there?. Now I am a 3-bag person with a laptop as I need a third bag just to carry the extension cord and power strip. The other two bags have stuff that I absolutely need (LOL) because I am a bit of a hoarder.

After tonight’s class, I decided to put the novel that I have been working on for twenty or so years on the back burner and start a new one from scratch. That might sound like a disaster but I think of it as more of an epiphany because I now know what the hell is wrong with it – no conflict and was boring because of it. I think it is going to be easier to start from scratch from an than try to fix something that I wrote by the seat of my pants. I will still start with the same premise as my old novel but I am going to add some more conflicts and disaster. I know it sounds like formula writing and it is but you don’t have to write The Great American Novel to make money. The only people who fail at McDonald’s are franchise owners with an MBA. In other words, don’t over think it – just do it.

I also learned that one of my fellow students has be writing articles for www.HubPages.com in the last ten years she has made $10,000 which is not great, and one couldn’t solely live on a thousand dollar a year, but hell she is getting paid which is more than I am getting for all the dribble I spread on the Internet. She told me not to join right away until she sends me a referral code because evidently, she will make money on the stuff I write and sell. I guess, it is sort of like a multilevel marketing plan. I am not sure how I will make money on articles I write but the subject intrigues me and “besides I am blessed with three sources of retirement income, so if I fail, I won’t starve to death. Besides, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. She also suggested that I change my business card to it reads “Writer” under my name and then to “Published Writer” after I make my first sale. It the “Fake It – Until You Make It” philosophy.

I passed out my Waco New Writers fliers out to my classmates and learned of another writers group that meets monthly at a coffee house right after a Toastmasters meeting. I used to be in Toastmasters International so I think I will join both groups. They are both daytime meetings so that is great for me. Their next meetings are on Saturday morning August 4, at a local coffee house. I am looking forward to it.

I connected my laptop to the Internet with my iPhone, I think. Just to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently connected to MCC’s WiFi, I went to The Game Closet which I know doesn’t have public Internet service and it worked just fine. On the way to the Game Closet, I was thinking I need to post an ad on the bulletin board requesting to meet with a Dungeon Master to help me set up some D & D character sheets because I am not sure what I did Monday morning fits the bill. As luck would have it there was a level 5 D & D game in progress. I got to talk to the DM and he graciously gave me his email address and told me to send him my character sheets and he would give me constructive criticism and suggestions. WOW!, Don’t you just love The Law of Attraction.

Like I said it was a fantastic Monday night. Life is good if you can master your circumstance and not let your circumstances master you.

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