7/23/18 – Rabbit Holes

Yesterday I worked on a new website and Google Group for New Writers in the area. I am the only member of that group so far but I have my MCC class this evening at six and I will pass out fliers to my fellow students. They may or may not join but I think it is a good idea. The flier is also posted on this site on the Links page. I read the Sunday comics, bits and pieces of the news, copied all of the puzzles and went to The Game Closet shortly after the opened at eleven.

The owner let me borrow his D & D players handbook as the one I am going to buy won’t be in until Wednesday. He also let me borrow his copy of “Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide” That is a background book that describes the land, cities, inhabitants, gods, and history of the realm which D & D is set. I liked it so much I bought my own copy as it will help to write a bio of the characters, I create. That is a good writing exercise anyways.

I tried creating a character by rolling random dice. I found the process to be a bit cumbersome and not at all like the way I remember it in the past when I was a lot younger. Now that I am older the learning curve seems a lot steeper, it seems more complex but I will prevail. First of all, I didn’t have enough dice with me so I found an app for my smartphone called “Dice and Dragons” that roll D & D dice based on a random number generator. You start off by rolling four six-sided dices six times to generate your basic stats. The six numbers I rolled (were 14, 17, 11, 9, 16, and 15 once I figured out the app.) You then assign these numbers to your character’s basic abilities, commonly called stats, and enter them on your character sheet. Depending on your chosen race and professing there are modifiers to these basic (random) stats that you get from the table in the handbook. This obviously was getting very complicated so I went down another rabbit hole and started searching the web on my iPhone for programs that would randomly and efficiently generate a D & D character. I think I found one called OrcPub. I didn’t have my laptop with me because The Game Closet doesn’t viable Internet service as yet although they tell me they are planning on it. I have to figure out how to make my iPhone a mobile hotspot. I know it can be done, I just haven’t figured it out as yet.

Anyway, I had lunch there consisting of a pseudo-Hot Pocket and a cup of black tea. I brought these with me and used their microwave. I worked on other things like my newspaper puzzles and read my book. I left shortly before three, came home and took a nap. I woke up about nine and worked on my new website for the Waco New Writers website and its fliers.

I went to sleep before midnight and woke up this morning at five. Did the first two steps of my S.A.V.E.R.S program. I am having some difficulty with the visualization part so I went back to sleep until eight getting my eight hours of sleep. First thing I did was figure out how to use my iPhone as a mobile hotspot so now I can take my laptop with me anywhere. The trick is to connect it my laptop with a USB cable that way I can charge my iPhone and use it as a hot spot at the same time.

I next played around with OrcPub and found out they only have nine races to choose from because of some legal bullshit but that is plenty. I decided to start with nine level 4 characters, one for each race. Now some of these races, I know nothing about so I will have to do some research. I will make them whatever their highest stat calls for. I then chose appropriate random names for their race.

  1. Elf Ernan Wizard Level 4
  2. Dwarf Regnus TBA Level 4
  3. Human Vor Varav TBA Level 4
  4. Half-Elf Halfer TBA Level 4
  5. Gnome Poji TBA Level 4
  6. Dragonborn Madak TBA Level 4
  7. Halfling Zalner TBA Level 4
  8. Tiefling Kamos TBA Level 4

It took me most of the afternoon to do Ernan but I have enough for an initial character sheet and spell cards and I probably have a lot more to do him, like write a background story. It’s a start,I have to be careful not to make this into a rabbit hole. The next character I will work on is some sort of fighter as they are probably easier to create and play. Ernan is going to be a work in progress for a while.

I checked my solutions for Friday’s newspaper’s puzzles and I only completed 39.5% of the Sudoku as the gold level is difficult for me. I solved the Jumble but I had to use a computer program designed for that puzzle so what is the fun in that? At least I know how to use the program and that it works. Didn’t have time for the crossword puzzle, no did I work on any of the puzzles in the Sunday paper.

I create a lot of rabbit holes, perhaps I should seek fulfillment in by concentrating on a single project.

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