A Day of Experimentation and Starting Over

Yesterday my wife taught me how to put a couple of teaspoons of corn starch in a saucepan mix in with water until it sort of shins and starts to thicken. I put this warm corn starch goo into the mandarin chia seed pudding I made the other day, hoping it would make it more pudding-like. I put it back in the refrigerator and waited a couple of hours. It thickened somewhat but not enough to be called pudding. It is not a waste because I can always drink it as a smoothie. My wife suggested that instead of corn start that I use gelatin. Bless her little heart, gelatin is not vegan but agar is, unfortunately, it is not available anywhere locally so I have to get it from Amazon.

I like the free online game, Forge of Empire, I have been playing it since the last weak in February. Unfortunately I am going to have to delete all the work I have done so far due to a couple of design bugs. I choose the game name of ‘craig smith the elder’ and I hate the lower cases, unfortunately there absolutely no way to change because once you pick a game name you are stuck with it forever. Also there is no way to unregister. When I tried to register my new name of “Mappyr the Wrinkled”, it told me that my email was already being used and choose another, fortunately I have a couple of valid emails.

Why did I choose Mappyr the Wrinkled? I chose it for two reasons, obviously because of my age, and Mappyr was the name of a character I used to have on Ancient Anguish, a text based MUD (multi-user domains/dungeons) that has been around since 1992 and is still going strong. I have been gaming online for nearly 30 years. Ancient Anguish and MUDs like it were the prehistoric ancestors to Social Media to graphic games like EverQuest II and Forge of Empires.

With this new Mappyr the Wrinkled on Yorkton, I absolutely refuse to pay for Game Diamonds for real money just to unlock some game features. On my ‘craig smith the elder’ account, I think, I spent $30 on Game Diamonds and in hindsight, it was totally unnecessary as the game is both challenging and entertaining on its own.

With Mappyr, I am doing all the quests, and I am buying game forge points with game gold. At the rate I am advancing, I will be able to join a guild in a couple of days. I am going join the largest one I can find. They should have a guild forum with a thread that will allow me attach my guild-only market offers. This important because acceptance of a guild-only market offer doesn’t require any forge points while other do. Attaching money offers to the entire guild is easy because you only have to do it once. It is fast and efficient because you are attaching them to a large number of people and when the first one guild member accepts the offer it automatically disappears from everyone else messages.

Life is great when you have a plan, enjoy what you are doing, and time to spare.

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