I am a 73-year-old conservative independent who lives in Hewitt TX which is a suburb of Waco TX in central Texas. I am VERY married to the same woman for the last 48 years.  Speak several languages none of them fluently. I  was spending an extraordinary amount of time playing an online computer game called EverQuest II but now I am writing a novel entitled “New Beginnings”, going to MCC class, doing homework,
I wrote a draft “New Beginnings” by the seat of my pants method I scrapped because of the class I am taking, which basically teaches “The Snowflake Method of Writing a Novel” I will keep my old manuscript (seat-of-the-pants method) in the files section of this website, and I will try to put the new manuscript it the same place because  I want and need your constructive criticism and any proofreading errors you may run find as I make a lot of them on this website as well as my novel. I try to write 2000th words a day for my novel so it is constantly being updated.
I have rolled a new character to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. I will put a link to his character sheet is on the LINKS  PAGE, but I have not yet joined a D & D group.
I am in a league playing, Magic, the Gathering. I am not very good at it but I enjoy it.
Developing this website is taking up much of my time lately like a proverbial rabbit hole it eats into my classwork and novel writing time.