Another Great Couple of Days

Yesterday I went to Discount Tires on Waco Drive to see perhaps if the tire that blew out on me Thursday was still under warranty. I can’t remember when I actually bought the tire but I do remember it was while we were still living in Arizona. I cleaned out my glove compartment in the car looking for the paperwork on the tires but alas did not discover it. I found everything but gloves as it was literally overstuffed with junk like insurance and registration documents, unclaimed lottery tickets that could not even be read. (I wonder if I missed a chance on becoming a millionaire). I guess some would say I have a tenancy towards hoarding. I can now close the glove compartment gently and on the first try.

Anyway, I went to Discount Tires paperless, hoping that they would have my prior purchases registered in some sort of national database. They found it after I finally remember my old Arizona phone number. They were very patient with this old man, unfortunately, it still cost me a fortune as I had to fork out an unbelievable eighteen buck and that was to extend my 80,000-mile warranty to the new tire. The process took just a little over an hour while I entertained myself playing Pokemon Go and solving a Sudoku puzzle. I thought I had the puzzle solved but got blocked by an impossible choice right at the end so I am going to have to try again.

I then went to the Grand Lodge of Texas, hoping my dues card was ready to be picked up and possibly pick up the right form to affiliate with the Crawford Lodge what the Crawford Lodge Secretary gave to me was a request for a certificate of good standing. I know I didn’t need that because my valid dues card from Campstone Lodge in Sierra Vista AZ is all that is required under the Grand Lodge of Arizona regulations as I have already ready been through this one when I joined White Rock Lodge here in Waco.

My dues card was there for White Rock Lodge was there but the lodge secretary had not signed it yet and couldn’t give it to me until he did. My lodge secretary is also the Grand Lodge Junior Deacon and he is a busy man which I understand. I can’t check out any books from the Grand Lodge Library until I first have a valid dues card from a Texas lodge. I think I mentioned in a previous post that the new Grand Lodge program for printing dues cards has had some initial problem but I think they finally got it fixed. My dues card from Campstone Lodge in Sierra Vista AZ, No 28, astounds most Texan Masons as they number their cards sequentially on a Grand Lodge level while in Arizona we do it at the lodge level, so to a Texan it looks like I am the 28th mason that has ever been in the Grand Lodge of Arizona until I explain the Arizona system to them.

I was hoping that the Grand Lodge had a cipher book I could buy to learn the Texan ritual. They didn’t and they don’t intend to do so. They just referred me to Macoy Publisher. The Texas ritual is slightly different from the Arizona ritual as I imagine it is with all Grand Lodges with different genealogies. When I got home I ordered the cipher book online. It is a good thing I plan on visiting the Crawford Lodge every Thursday so I can ask questions on the cipher, I don’t readily recognize or can figure out on my own. I would like to go through the entire line with them so it will be about nine years before I am Master of the Lodge. Looking forward to the challenge.

Grand Lodge did confirm that all I need to do is to affiliate with Crawford is to fill out a normal affiliation petition.

Let me change the subject to Facebook now. I seem I have 644 friends and now I have to stop following most of them, not unfriend them, just stopped following them. You see I fell victim to Facebook’s business plan, as they keep recommending new friends to me, I figured if we have five or more mutual friends that I either know this person and forgot who they were or I should know them. This is a mistake I think as it really fills up my Facebook posts. It is good for me as a blogger and writer to have a large presence on social media but it is no very practical to follow everyone.

This morning I joined Toastmasters International again for the third time. The first time I was still on active duty and I joined the daylight club at Fort Huachuca but military latter assignments caused me to leave. After I retired, I joined a club in Sierra Vista about ten years ago. I can’t recall why I stopped going to that one but I think it was because of a conflict of meeting times as I was busy with other organizations. The club I just joined, The Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers #676842 they the second Saturday of each month at The Collin Street Bakery at nine in the morning They only have about 13 members and it is a nice friendly group so I know I will have fun. As a matter of fact. I signed up for a humorous speech contest on the 18th at a special meeting. It is to be a five to seven-minute speech and I will give it a try as I am already a bit of a ham. Obviously, I don’t have enough on my plate already.

Toastmaster International evidently has changed quite a bit since I was last a member. Everything now seems to be online but until I get my membership number, I won’t be able to access the website.

The was supposed to be a Writers Group meeting right after the Toastmasters meeting but nobody showed up except for the three Toastmaster that are also a member of the Writer’s Group – maybe next month.

Life is good when you are constantly busy. If you don’t have the time, make some time.

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