Been working on a couple of problems

First, it seems that I have two Facebook accounts, which is a definite no-no! I downloaded my inactive account, which will take a couple of days for them to send it to me. Once I have that download, and it looks good, I will delete the inactive account. The download is in HTML format. My plan is to create a new page, “Old Facebook” and insert the download into it – here’s hoping! In the meantime, on my Social Networks page, there is a Facebook icon that links to my active Facebook account and a text link to my inactive Facebook account.

Second, I have a quirky issue with my cell phone. My friend, Billy Ray, has no difficulty calling me, but when I call him, it goes straight to voice main which Billy Ray never gets it. The problem is just between Billy and me, as we can call other people easy-peasy. I deleted him from the contact list, then turned off my phone for five minutes. I put him back on the list to no avail, so, I think the issue is on Billy Ray’s end. He should try the same thing that I did and see what happens. Blizzard!

I have been playing with my level 61 ranger, Ghur, on EverQuest II. He is on a quest to “Speak as a Dragon”. When he completes it, my other character, Okaro (level 120 Wizard), won’t have to do the quest again as all he has to do is obtain a special table that is free (play money). Okaro doesn’t know how to speak Giant, but Ghur does, and it is a prerequisite. I have nine characters on the Skyfire server, but I barely started the other seven. When Ghur completes the quest, “The Gathering Obsession”, and earns a special pony, I will start playing Ojoho, a level 3 Illusionist/level 0 Tailor. There is a method to my madness, besides it does not take a lot a keep me entertained.

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