Best Christmas Day Ever

I made Level 39 Pokemon Trainer today, so I only have to earn another five millions points to reach the top-level. Perhaps, by the time I get there, they will have raised the level cap

I am deleting my Facebook account and starting a new one, as a matter of fact, I am going to change my email address as well. The reason is that I am getting for too much spam and a lot of it is from sleazy people. I have over 4000 Facebook friends. It was a bad idea, and I am trying to cull it down At one time I had 5000 friends but it takes FOREVER to unfriend that many people

It is designed that way by Facebook because it is in their best interests. To friend somebody on Facebook all you got to do is click on a button but to unfriend someone, you have to  hoover over a button, wait for a pop-up menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom, then click on “unfriend.” To add insult to injury you have to wait a couple of seconds for confirmation that the person was “unfriended” before you move to the next person you want to remove from your friend list.

I am sure, it will be easier just to delete the Facebook account and start a new one. Setting up a new Facebook account has its drawbacks as well. I will have to invite my real family and friends. In the process I might lose some friends (I think I am stuck with my family). I will also have to reprint my business cards. Fix the appropriate links on this site, etc.

If you get an invitation from Craig576PokemonGo, please accept it.

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