Corrected a Broken Link & Wrote a Speech

My mailing list is down to 170. I had 22 bad addresses when I first tried it and 3 people opt-out.

I fixed the link to my Twitter account on my Social Media thanks to a subscriber telling me of the broken link. I really appreciate it.

I still have to figure out how to set up a form that will allow people to opt-in to my mailing list

My next project is to finish my homework and start writing my novel

I did write the speech I am going to give at my Wednesday Morning Toastmasters meeting and The Humorous Speech Contest on the 29th of next month. The following is the speech but I may need to cut it down some to meet the 5-7 minute limitation of the contest

Making New Friends

Let me say before I begin, that I am 73 and will turn 74 in October. My wife is seven years my senior but doesn’t look it one bit and we have are going to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in January.. First let me tell you the secret to 50 years of marriage (not always blissful) for those of you don’t already know – it is just two words – Yes dear!

Now we moved to Hewitt just about a year ago because we have two daughters that live here and while my wife and I were both still lucid and somewhat healthy, we made a conscience decision to voluntarily to make the move before some crisis happened that would force us to move. All we had in Arizona were friends and friends are nice but family is better.

We came from a very small town of 1500 people named Huachuca City not far from Tombstone AZ – the town too tough to die. That is where all of our children graduated from high school. Yes there really was a Gunfight at the OK Coral and they celebrate it every year on my birthday, October 26. I missed it by 63 years – I am old but not that old.

Anyway Huachuca is an Indian word meaning place of thunder. It is pronounced WA- chu – KA and sounds like you should say gesundheit afterwards but it spelled H U A C H U C A. For those of you who think that is awful strange way to spell WA – chu -KA I would like to point out that before you Texans changed the spelling and pronunciation, WACO used to be spelled H U A C O and pronounced waa-CO after the Indian tribe – Put that in you peace pipe and smoke it.

After the Branch Davidian fiasco of 93, I am sure that there are some people who think WACO should be pronounced wa-CO and is just an acronym for We Aren’t Coming Out!

I first tried to make new friends at the various Senior Center around town but abandoned the idea after a while. You know there is a bunch of old grouchy people in those centers and I can’t deal with that kind of negativity. Bless their little hearts, I think some of those old ladies were actually hitting on me. One of them asked me “Just out of curiosity, Craig do you wear boxer shorts or tidy whities?”

I look at her straight in the face over the top of my eyeglasses and gave her a one word answer – Depends!

I then joined two organizations here is Texas. The first was the Freemasons and the second was, of course, Toastmasters. They actually dovetail together because in Freemasonry we have to perform some very long speeches from memory. One speech is over 8000 words long and when you know a 5 – 7 minute speech is only about 700 words at the most you can understand the difficulty of learning and preforming a long speech especially when there are others in attendance that know the speech better than you.

You all of course know about Toastmasters but some of you might not know anything about Freemasonry and what little you do not is probably wrong based on misinformation. It is not a worldwide conspiracy, it not even remotely associated with the Illuminati , it is not even a secret society. It is a fraternal society with secrets. Its sole purpose is to make good men, better.

We are not a replacement for church. We are not an exclusive Christian organization but we encourage all our member to regularly attend religious services of their choice. I know of one lodge in Jerusalem Israel that has Christian, Jewish, and Islamic members. They get along fabulously in lodge. Unfortunately outside of lodge they make act different but we hope not.

The Masons are also one of the biggest philanthropy organizations in the world. Donating a million and a quarter dollars a day to charity. I know I am supposed to us exaggeration in a humorous speech but I don’t think that is an exaggeration. You all have heard of the Shriner Hospitals for Children, there are 22 around the nation. All their services are free. Shiners are just a small branch of Masonry

My wife calls the Masons an old man club but after 50 years of marriage, we each need some personal space. She doesn’t complain about my many club meetings and I don’t complain about her playing Bingo which she has cut down a lot since moving to Texas. Now she only plays Bingo on days that end with a Y.

Life is good when you have achievable goals

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