Finally, I updated my blog

I can’t believe it has been more than seven months since I last update my blog. Not surprisingly, I forgot my password and how to update the blog. At my age, that happens a lot. Anyway with a little tenacity and some help from I managed to figure it out.

Obviously, I have got a lot to cover, and I am not sure where to begin. So I am just going to start rambling and perhaps something interesting will emerge.

Late last month I decided to go Veganish. I am not a full Vegan. I will still buy a leather belt to hold up my pants and my diet does allow honey both of which would invoke a response from Vegan-Nazis on how I am destroying the environment and don’t I have any conscientious at all?

f someone invites me over to their house for dinner, I will eat what is offered graciously without comment or complaint. If someone takes me out to a restaurant I will eat salad and be happy about it.

No, I am being Veganish because after doing some research, I made a rational choice for a healthier lifestyle. Basically I choose not to eat animal flesh, eggs, or dairy, and I am having fun doing it. Am I getting enough protein? Of course, I am! When you think about, all protein originates in plants – when you eat meat what you are really eating is reprocessed plant protein. All I am doing is cutting out the middle guy.

I have been fending for my self by eating homemade crock pot soup (dried beans/lentils, vegan broth, fresh or frozen vegetables, vinegar, and seasonings.) I also make smoothies in my Vita-Mix (vegan protein powder, frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seed powder, nuts, and almond milk.) I actually still have some non-vegan protein power which I will use as long as I have it as there is no sense in throwing it away. Just like I still have some canned fish (sardines, salmon, and tuna) which I will also continue to eat until it is all gone.

Sometime I will eat a huge Russet potato for dinner which I nuke in the microwave for about nine minutes and top it with salsa and nutritional yeast.

For snacks, I have made both kale and collard green chips in the oven, but I am thinking about trying to make them in a dehydrator appliance.

Last night I found a recipe for mandarin chia seed pudding made from two mandarin oranges, ¼ cup of chia seeds, 1 ¼ almond milk, vanilla extra, and honey. The chia seeds plumped up nicely and were well distributed. It tasted great, sort of like a Creamsicle or an Orange Julius but it wasn’t thick enough for me so next time I think I will try adding some tapioca or arrowroot starch.

I set up my own personal vegan kitchen in my garage to keep out of my wife’s way. I have been buying my own equipment but I either can’t find where my wife hides things or it is not exactly what I need. So far I have bought a crock pot, a salad spinner, a canning pressure cooker, and a handheld immersion blender. I will probably buy a dehydrator because all my wife has is some old plastic Remco dehydrator whose heat source is a light bulb, I believe, and she has to constantly has to rotate the dry trays as there is no fan to circulate the air.

I wonder if anyone remembers the old Chia Pet, a terracotta head or animal that grew green hair. They are still around because I see them every once in a while. Who would have thunk that stuff was good to eat and high in protein?

I had cataracts removed from both eyes. I had the left one done last December and the right in February. I went to VA to get a new pair of glasses once my eyes healed after both surgeries only to discover they won’t honor an eyeglass prescription written by a physician outside the VA system. Fortunately, Medicare will pay for new glasses after cataract surgery. I don’t know what they will pay but without Medicare, my trifocals with transition lenses only cost $212. Until I get my new glasses, I am driving without glasses because I can see better without them than with them because of the surgeries.

I started playing a new game called Forge of Empires, which I find surprisingly challenging and interesting. It is a city-building strategy game. It is free but the company makes their money by selling game diamonds which unlock many features. If you are patient, there is no need to buy anything with real money.

I met an online friend who goes by the handle of Shark Attack, in real life he is 60 and handicapped. I told him that I had a personal blog, and he wanted its address thus the need to update the blog.

Life is good when you are retired thrice, meet new friends, play games, and choose healthy lifestyles.

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