If I take you to one of my PDF documents (like my children’s story) just use the back button on your browser (generally a left-facing arrow) to get back to this page.

A Dog In An Orange Tree A children’s story that I am trying to get published

Rhea Sarama Artworks This is the Facebook page of an artist I met online while playing Forge of Empires.

My old free website blog just in case I forgot to bring something over.

Blank Sudoku   This  link allows you to print out a blank grid with tiny 1-9 numbers in each cell to make it easier to solve, just mark out the ting number in each cell

Crossword Solver, Scrabble Word Finder, Boggle, Anagram Solver

Fun Things For Seniors To Do 

New Beginnings – First Idea  This was my first idea for a doomsday novel but I decided to change my protagonist to a teenage as it was getting a little too close to pedophilia for me to feel comfortable. I am now using the general concept for publish a series of e-books as a series