Had a fantastic meeting Thursday night

I went to an FC Degree meeting at Moody Lodge 568 in Moody TX, of course. It is about 15 to 20 miles from my home in Hewitt or about a half hour drive. The meeting was fantastic for a couple of reasons. The candidate’s father, a Past Master of the lodge, got to confer the degree, and the candidate’s grandfather, another Past Master of the lodge and a 50 year Mason at that got to participate as the Senior Warden. Wow! Three generations of Masons all in the same degree.

The dinner before the meeting was fabulous. Cajun chicken and rice, green beans, peach cobbler, and ice cream.

After dinner, they first opened on the EA degree to hear the candidate’s proficiency. Questions and answers were just about flawless. The candidate’s father, the Junior Deacon for the EA degree, performed the introductions of dignitaries and visitor’s (and there was a good size crowd) without notes. I have never seen such a great performance. I was in awe

I was surprised that the Texas FC degree lecture is much more abbreviated than the same lecture in Arizona. I was informed by one of the brethren that the explanation after entering between the two portals is explained in the monitor and can be given in total but most use the abbreviated form, a luxury we do not have in Arizona.

This is the second time I have seen degree work I have seen in Texas, the first being an EA degree at Crawford Lodge 585 last week. I noticed a couple of differences between Texas and Arizona ritual that I haven’t already mentioned.

  1. In Texas, before the opening of the lodge, the master calls the Tiler to the center of the lodge there is a ritual where the Tiler to the explains his duties and receives his instrument of office. The T[ler then assumes his post outside of the lodge. I like the Texas way of doing this.
  2. In Arizona, the Deacons and Stewards move about the lodge with the instrument of their office but in Texas, they do not. I prefer the Arizona method.
  3. In Arizona what we do with the Marshal and Stewards, they do in Texas with a Master of Ceremonies which I presume is also the Tyler. I like the Arizona method better.

But I am a Texan now so I will adapt and love it.

I am going to change the subject now. I am forewarning you that so as not to confuse you.

Every time I update this blog I will notify people by email, Hopefully, this will drive some traffic to my blog and increase its search engine rankings. I do something similar on Facebook where I have 5000 “friends” but not everybody in on Facebook. I initially only have 195 people on my mailing list and I will, of course, I will graciously allow people to opt out if they want. Fortunately, my feelings do not bruise easily. If anyone opts out I will annotate this on their contact information so I will not inadvertently or purposefully put them back on the mailing list unless they opt-in from my blog. I am working on a way to do that but that function is not quite there yet. When I send out bulk mail like this, everyone except for myself will be a BCC addressee to cut down on spam. Do you just hate it when someone hits the Reply To All button instead of just replying back to the sender? This cannot happen or should not happen with BCC addressee.

I now have to do some homework and work on my Toastmasters speech.

Life is good – when you got a plan and are easily entertained

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