I am so proud of myself!

I spent all day yesterday solving the Sudoku Puzzle in Sunday’s newspaper. It is actually five normal 9×9 puzzles intertwined with each other. They won’t publish the solution until next Sunday but I know I nailed it. Of course, I should have been working on my homework or reading a book for my book club discussion but everybody should be allowed to treat themselves every so often, and the hell with consequences.

I also saw a small blurb in the same paper that there will be an election to fill a vacant city council seat here in Hewitt to fill a term that ends in May. I will apply for it if I meet the requirements which I may not for two reasons:

  1. I may be living in the wrong ward for the vacancy.
  2. I may not meet the time in residence requirement depending on when the election is held.

I wrote to the City Secretary asking her if I met the minimum requirements for the current vacancy. I also asked her to give me the details for running for the next full term city council seat in my ward.

Life is good when you are a glutton for punishment.

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