I have been out of sorts for a while

How can I euphemistically put this? – perhaps extreme gastric distress. The explosive and violent part of this bug has pretty much subsided but my stomach and lower GI are still rumbling and I have been unpleasant to be around in more ways than one. Now I am self-medicating with activated charcoal. The worst thing about the situation, in my opinion, is I have not been getting the quality sleep that I need so I am understandable lethargy.

I missed a couple of meetings that I wanted to attend because I enjoy them. First I missed my Monday night stated communication at Crawford Lodge No. 586. Yesterday I missed my Book Club meeting at the West Waco Library. This morning I have a meeting at the Early Birds Toastmasters – I don’t think, I should miss that one as I am scheduled to be Table Topics Toastmaster. I should finish this entry, check the tentative agenda for that meeting some interesting questions for impromptu speeches.

Sunday I was expecting to find the solution to the weekly massive Sudoku that the newspaper published on the second. I completed the puzzle but my solution didn’t even come close to the solution that the paper printed Sunday. I either solved a different puzzle of the newspaper published the wrong solution. I would like to believe the latter was true but the way I have been feeling lately – who knows? This week I will work on the new Sunday Sudoku and I guess we will see what happens next Sunday.

I am not doing bad playing Pokémon Go. I have 862,000 points out of the 1,250,000 points I need to get to Level 35. I also have 75 Pokémon Go friends. I must confess that I have been driving around in the car rather than walking with my smartphone like I should but like I said I have been lethargy.

Life is good when you realize there is not such thing as an insurmountable problem. Give it enough time and it will pass – forgive the bad pun.

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