I have class this evening and I am behind in my homework

I have my writing class at MCC this evening at six. I was supposed to write the outline of the new novel I am working on using the first six steps of the Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel. I kind of skipped over step 4 and 5 which I will try to finish before tonight’s class but I have other things to do. I need to get duplicate titles for both of my cars from Arizona so I can give one to my granddaughter Bianca in think Houston. There is a couple of other things I have to attend to before finishing up my homework but I think I have enough to actively participate in tonight’s class. It not like I am getting graded or anything because it is a continuing education class that teaches life skills. Anyway, I posted my outline to the new novel on my Links page. It was not complete at the time of the posting but it is getting there and I will keep updating the outline as I complete it. I was going to call this new novel “What the hell …” but I think I am going back to my old title “New Beginning”. My old draft manuscript which I basically wrote by the net of my pants is still on my Links page if you want to see how the novel is changing for the better I think. It will be the first book of a series that I am planning to write once I get this new methodology locked down.

I have to fast after ten tonight as I am taking a blood test first thing tomorrow morning at the VA Health Center here in Waco for a followup doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Today I have to finish up setting up my PayPal merchant account and monetizing this website with Google Ad Sense. If they’re going to be advertising on my website they should be somewhat of my own choosing and perhaps profitable.

I have been adding a lot of friends to my Facebook account Truthfully I don’t initial know a lot of these people I asked to be my friend. I figure if we have five or more mutual friends I either know the person by another name or I should know this person. It is kind of fun establishing old friendships and in some cases new ones. Every posting I make on Facebook I mention this website so there is a method to my madness.

After class tonight I will stop by The Game Closet to buy another boost pack for Magic The Gathering League I am in. You’re permitted to buy a random boost pack of cards to reconstitute your league pack of 30 cards. Like I said before I am just learning the game and I am not very good at it yet but it is fun. So far I have won one game and lost one game. I don’t really have the time to play the game as much as I want but I am trying to make the time.

Life is good when you are busy and can look at life through the eyes of a child.

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