I took the political plunge

I was the third person to submit an application for the open Councilman at Large seat in the City of Hewitt TX and I wish the other two well. I felt duty bound to file for the position because I know that an even-numbered group is not as effective as an odd-numbered group as that is just the nature of group dynamics. Unless one of us get 50% of the votes cast on November 6, 2018, there will have to be another runoff election, unfortunately, that will cost the city some money so I am considering withdrawing if for no other reason that it might save the city the expense of another election. After all I was the last person to submit an application and more than likely the candidate with the least time in the city. I have until August 27 to make that decision so I will have a chance to receive some feedback on the issue.

I don’t plan on spending much on this campaign, I hope a whole lot less than the $500 threshold. I created a flier for the campaign and a few business cards on my own printer. In the military, we used to call that crude but effective. The flier is a tab on this website if you are so inclined to read it, Since it is a PDF document, you will need Adobe Reader to view it or print it. Most people have Adobe Reader or something that will allow them to view it but if you don’t it is a free download and easy to install. Give me some feedback, my feelings do not bruise easily.

If I withdraw from the race will probably apply to one of the three vacancies of the City of Hewitt Parks and Beautification Board. I use the City Park a lot because I am a Pokemon Go player, which is an excuse for an old man to get out and exercise. Regardless of what happens during this special election, I plan on applying for the next full term election for the position of councilman for a single term as I am a believer in term limits.

Switching gears for the moment, I made Level 34 Pokemon Go Trainer. Now all I need is another one and a quarter million points to get the Level 35. We all have our own forms of insanity. My Grandson, Elijah, taught me how to make friends on Pokemon Go. With Pokemon Go Friend you sent them gifts that you find at Pokestops and they can do the same. It is just a different aspect of the game no matter where they are in the world. I have 29 Pokemon Friends now, several in Europe and Canada. You can also trade Pokemon with your Pokemon Friends but they have to be real close to you. That is a pity since there are some Pokemon that are only available in Europe. Every time you exchange gifts you earn extra experience points. I am not sure if you trade Pokemon you gain experience point but it requires a lot of stardust. I have been using my Pokemon stardust to power up my Pokemon but my Grandson tells me I should not be doing this until I have a complete collection of Pokemon. I need 87 unique Pokemon to complete my collection. Unfortunately, some of them are only available in Europe or Asia. So I will take my Grandson’s advice and not power up my Pokemans until latter.

If you play Pokemon and would like to be my Pokemon Friend, I would love it. My Pokemon Trainer Code is 9633 1204 4607. Just tap your avatar icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Then tap FRIENDS at the top of the next screen. Finally, tap the ADD FRIEND green button and enter my Trainer code. I will get notified and will accept you as my Pokemon Go Friend. I may even send you a gift. BTW all gifts are randomly generated so I don’t know what I am sending. Don’t you love surprises?

Speaking of friends, let’s talk about Facebook friends. I am nearly at my goal of 5000 Facebook Friends which I think is the maximum permuted as last time I looked I had over 3900 friends. Do I know all these people? I don’t think so but there is a method to my madness. As a writer, it gives me a fairly large database to choose character names and descriptions. I may use the first name from one friend, the last name from another, and a description from a third’s profile photos. As a marketer, I can drive people to my blog which helps the search engines rank me higher. Finally, I can monetize Facebook play placing Amazon ads on my postings. I conscientiously try not to spam Facebook (except for cat videos of course). It is you have to a lot of work to maintain 5000 Facebook Friends, first of all, you have to stop following most of them and you have to block them on Messenger. I actually removed Messenger from my iPhone because it was easier than trying to block everyone. I may mention my blog once a day and I don’t plan on putting more than one Amazon ad a day. Once I starting writing articles for www.HubPages.com , I may suggest that my friend read the article. Frankly, internet marketing is a game of numbers and tenacity.

Life is good – when you have achievable goals.

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