Interesting Day Yesterday

First of all, I received a call from the VA Medical Center. They informed me because of some out of range readings in the urine sample I gave them recently they did a culture test on my sample (gross city) my doctor believes I have some sort of urinary infection and wants me to take Sulfamethoxazole, twice a day for ten days. I am in no distress whatsoever but who am I to argue with experts?

After picking up my medication, I did a little exploring. First I found the Collins Street Bakery just off of I-35 on the Waco Drive exit. I have a Toastmasters International meeting there Saturday morning at eight. That is followed by a local writers group that also meets there this month immediately after the Toastmasters meeting. I generally reconnoiter a place before I actually have to go there for some reason. That way it is recorded on my car’s GPS as recently visited. That way I don’t get stressed out looking for a place I have to be at a particular time.

I also went looking for and found Crawford Lodge 585 FA&AM. I am going to join that lodge as well as my current White Rock Lodge 347 which is an educational lodge while Crawford is a more traditional blue lodge that does ritual work. Once I found the lodge I stored it on my GPS with latitude and longitude coordinates because somehow the address doesn’t work for them. It is hard to program the intersection of Highway 185 and the railroad tracks in my GPS. They normally meet the second Monday of the month at seven. They serve dinner at six before the meeting. I was pleased to find out they also have an informal dinner at five every Thursday just before their ritual practice. I stayed for dinner and plan to visit them every Thursday as they are a great bunch of men. It is a very friendly lodge.

After dinner, I drove back home a different way that I got there as that is what my GPS told me to do. I had a blowout on my driver’s side front tire. The sidewall just kind of disintegrated on State Highway 317 between Crawford and McGregor. Just as I was about to call for roadside assistance from the insurance company a young man stopped by and changed the tire for me. If Marty is anywhere near thirty, I would be surprised. He is a miner/heavy equipment operator with an hour and a half commute to the mine from his home in Temple each day. After working all day and two-thirds of his way home, he stopped and helped a complete stranger change a tire. Random acts of kindness truly amaze me, it restores your faith in humanity.

Today I will have to go to Discount Tires in Waco as I bought the tires at Discount Tires in Sierra Vista AZ. I doubt they are still under warranty but maybe. I will also stop by The Grand Lodge of Texas to pick up an application to join the Crawford Lodge as a plural member and perhaps pick up my dues card from White Rock. There has been some sort of glitch with the database at Grand Lodge. There is a secretary’s meeting there this Saturday that I would like to attend but unfortunately, I am already committed elsewhere

Of course, I had to clean out my glove compartment to find the paperwork on my tires. It needed cleaning out anyway

Life is good when you can keep meeting good and kind people.

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