I really should have some sort of form for you to fill out but for now, all you have to do is send me an email asking to be put on my mailing list. When I update my blog you will receive  an email from me that looks something like this:

SUBJ: Craig Smith just updated his personal blog Date/Time

You are receiving this email because you asked to be on my mailing list or I thought you might be interested in reading my blog. I realize that not everyone is enthralled by my dribble so if you want me to stop sending you notifications of my blog updates just reply back and tell me to unsubscribe you. I will graciously and quickly remove you from my mailing list and you will never receive another blog update notification again from me. Fortunately, my feelings do not bruise easily

I hate spam so everyone on my mailing list of 174 people is being sent this as a BCC addressee that way if someone inadvertently hits the ‘Reply To All” button you won’t get another email that was intended for my inbox alone.

I am working on a way where people can opt-in to my mailing list by filling out a form on my website but I am not quite there yet.

If you opt-out of this notification mailing list, I will send you just one more email telling you that you have been removed from my mailing list and beg forgiveness for inconveniencing you,

Thank you,

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