Joined my 2nd Toastmasters Club here in the Waco area

They are called the Waco – Early Birds Club and they meet every Wednesday Morning at 7 AM. They put me on the spot right way and chose me as one of the Table Topics Speakers and somehow won a ribbon for it. I committed to giving them my Icebreaker speech next Wednesday. I chose a different Pathway for them than I did for my other Waco Toastmaster Club which meets only monthly. For the weekly Club, I chose “Leadership Development” but for the monthly club, I chose the “Innovating Planning” pathway. This cost me an extra $20 but what the heck it is only money and it is well worth it. I am going to “cheat” a little bit by giving the Wednesday morning club my Icebreaker Speech (4-6 minutes) but in reality, it will be a practice speech for the humorous speech contest that will be held on the 29th of next month. That is supposed to be a 5 to 7-minute speech but I think I can make it work.

I am part the Crawford Lodge #585, bylaws committee and we met at Starbucks today for a two o’clock meeting. It is going to be cutting it close to submit the new proposed bylaws by September 1 but I think we can make it. We will meet again at Moody Lodge for dinner and an FC degree- Hopefully, we can get the Crawford Lodge Master to call for a special meeting next Thursday to vote on the proposed bylaws. That is cutting it really short.

I officially withdrew from the City Of Hewitt City Council Election that will be held to fill the vacant seat of the Member At Large position until May of next year. I was one of six candidates and that is far too many to be cost-effective.  I may run for a full term seat on the City Council next May but in the meantime, I have asked to serve on the various boards and commissions the City of Hewitt has available.

Tuesday I attended my Book Club/MCC class at the West Waco Library at 1030, kind of embarrassed because I didn’t read the book we were supposed to discuss, “Manhattan Beach” by Jennifer Egan, as I just couldn’t get into it. As it turned out, hardly anyone really liked it but was interesting to listen to them as it kind of dovetails in what I am learning in my MCC writing class. Next month they meet on the second Tuesday of each month we will discuss “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate. Hopefully, I will read it so I will be able to participate more in the discussion.

Monday night I finally got the Writing Class Template to work on my version of Scrivener, which was designed for an Apple computer not a PC like mine. I have to transfer over from my faulty template to the now new template. It is going to be a bit tedious but it will be well worth it.

I also have to update my email mailing list to notify my friends that I have updated my blog. I want to set it up so they can opt out if they don’t want to be notified of my blog updates. First thing I have to do is bring my old contact over from my old Gmail account and marry them up

Life is good – when you are busy.

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