Life is so complicated

I tried to donate blood today at Carter BloodCare. I did call them first to make sure I was eligible to donate because of my MS. In Arizona, the Red Cross stopped taking my donations because I was diagnosed with MS but Carter BloodCare said there was no problem with me having MS so they gave me an address of 206 Archway in Woodway TX. The GPS in my car informed me that there was no such address so I looked up Carter BloodCare on my GPS and it took me to 4332 Waco Drive which is a shopping center. I looked all over that shopping center and finally asked somebody, “Where is the blood bank?” I was told that they moved behind Firehouse Subs on Franklin. I put in Firehouse Subs in my GPS and drove there but did not find the Blood Bank but a commercial plasma center who in turn told me what I was looking for was behind the Bank at the intersection of Texas Central Parkway and Highway 84. I finally found it but got rejected nevertheless after answering 89 questions – not because of my MS or the antibodies and blood thinner I am currently taking. I would be deferred on those two medications for 48 hours. No, I was rejected because I spent more than six months in Italy between 1980 and 1996 while I was in the military. Actually, I was in Naples Italy for almost four years. It looks like I will never be able to donate blood in the area unless they change their rules. I wanted to donate blood on behalf of my Lodge brothers in Crawford TX but I don’t think that is going to be possible.

I am on the Bylaws Committee at Crawford Lodge and I am having trouble getting in contact with the other member of the committee, our Junior Warden and Past Grandmaster of Texas. Perhaps I can straighten it out at tomorrow’s night dinner.

I am trying to join Toastmasters International again for the second or third time, now everything is online and the president of the local club got me my old membership number and asked me to log in and choose a pathway. I tried but they want me to use the email I have on record for them which is 34 years old which I no longer have access to and god knows what the password I used even if I did have access to the email. I guess I will just have to call them in the morning.

I am trying to download a template for Scrivener which was designed for an Apple machine and I have a PC. One of the other students in the MCC class I am taking that requires the template, sent me a ZIP file that she says works on her PC but she is using Windows 7 while I am using Windows 10 and can’t seem to get it to work but I will try again after this posting.

Life is good when you can cope with complicated technology without taking a sledgehammer to the equipment. I like a good challenge

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  1. Won’t take are blood either, because of Mad Cow Disease in Europe in early ’80s. Almost forgot to thank the US Air Force for that.

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