My daughter Denise gave me a Page-A-Day 2019 Calendar called Ultimate Sudoku published by They have a lot of fantastic gifts but the calendar she gave me is no longer available, so I guess you will just have to wait until next year if you want one. Since my handwriting is so bad due to my age and multiple sclerosis I use a spreadsheet to help me solve these type of puzzles. The word processor I use is called Open Office and it is absolutely free. It is open source and very intuitive and does everything Microsoft Office does but at zero cost. It can even read and output Microsoft Office files

Anyway I will be posting PDF files with some Sudoku Puzzle of the day that you can print. I won’t publish the solutions as I don’t want to spoil your fun.

Sudoku Solving Tips

January 01, 2019, This one was supposed to be easy but it took me a couple of hours to finally solve it as I had a hard time focusing – too much holiday cheer.

January 02, 2019, This is a normal type of Sudoku  with the exception that there can be no duplicate numbers in the diagonals. It is rated as medium, but I am finding it very difficult. One reason it was tough is because when I copied the puzzle to a spreadsheet I inadvertently forgot to put in the 6 in the top middle section which I have now corrected. Even with that it still took me eight days to solve

January 03. 2019 This is a normal type of Sudoku except only even numbers are allowed in the yellow cells. It is rated as Hard – so beware.

January 04, 2019. This is an irregular but highly colorful Sudoku. In each color section there can be no duplicate numbers. I think there can be no duplicate numbers in each row and column. It is rated as Easy