For those of you do not know,  Pokémon Go is an exercise app that is played on a smartphone like a game. It is designed to get you outside and moving. It is free app you can find at the app store, so if you have a smartphone and need some motivation to get outside and exercise – try it and you will love it – warning it is highly addictive.

As of January 16, 2019, I am a level 39 Trainer known as Craig576. My Trainer Code number is 9633 1204 4607. To reach the next level, which at the moment is the top-level, you need five million points, and I am more than halfway there with 2,567,174 points.I have 101 Pokémon friends and 8 pending acceptance.

How do you find Pokémon friends? Well there are a number of ways, the best way, of course, is go outside, get moving, and meet other Pokémon players and exchange trainer codes. You can also Google “pokemon go trainer codes”  You will get over 18 million hits and unfortunately the names and codes are not in any standard form which makes it kind of cumbersome. You could view or print out My List of 200 codes, in standard format, sorted by location and trainer names. About half of them are my Pokémon friends highlighted in yellow. Not all of my friends have trainer codes, but they are listed nevertheless as I don’t want to slight them, just because we exchanged codes in the field, or they sent a friend request and I accepted.

After one get to Level 40 what is next goal? Well there are several things you could do other than waiting for the game make to increase the top-level. You could try to get one of every  Pokémon there is in existence. Is there some sort of list online that has this information. Several but the most complete one I  found is at a website called the Pokémon Database. You just keep playing until you find everyone of them or as an alternate trade your 
Pokémons with your  Pokémon friends. Here is my Pokémon Inventory as of 1/15/2019. If you want to trade, just contact me. If you look at my inventory, you can see I have a lot to do when I reach Level 40.

Another thing I could do is find and visit every  Pokéstop and Gym within an hour from my house in Hewitt. That is a big area that stretches roughly from Killeen to Hillsboro Texas. There is one website that states that Waco alone has over 510  Pokéstops and 110 Gyms by itself. That site has a map that shows the locations of all there stops and gyms by latitude and longitude coordinates. That might be fun trying to find them all with the help of my GPS. I have been keeping a spreadsheet (naturally) on where my friends’ gifts come from. I only keep track of their gifts from the greater Waco area. The ones in yellow are the places I have actually been. The spreadsheet shows that I have been getting gifts from all over the local area but I have only been to a few of the stops and gym. Finding all these places would be an adventure in itself. Perhaps I will even add addresses and/or coordinates to My Pokéstop and Gym Spreadsheet.

Sometimes it is useful to know what the reward will be before you take on a Field Research task as some tasks are a real pain in the butt, like “Make 3 Excellent Throws in a Row” and what is the point in wasting a lot of resources and time if you already have a Larvitar unless you want to try for a shiny one ? If you know what the reward will be you can make a rational decision to delete it. Normally I go to very good website and print out a cheat sheet to take with me but the other day I received a Field Research task that wasn’t on that website. I decided to put their information and my new Field Research task in a spreadsheet, so I can order the information and highlight the ones that are nor worth the effort for me. I am thinking that maybe the rewards and tasks change every couple of months. It was a pain in the rear to type all that information into a spreadsheet but It will make my life easier in the long run. It shouldn’t be that difficult to maintain when/if  the information changes.