Quarantine Entertainment

Things are moving along splendidly with Mappyr the Wrinkled. He joined a guild called the Epic Rubicons which now has 15 members. He send all his guild mates a friend request and aided them. He even make a successful guild-only trade which is remarkable because he doesn’t even have a goods factory yet. I started build my goods factory, a Dye Works, on the spot where my Hunter used to be after I changed my huts and some of my Stilt Houses to Chalets because I had to get to a population of at least 108.

The other day I made some plum chips by thinly slicing three plums and dehydrating them in our dehydrator appliance for 24 hours. They were pretty tasty but you can’t use them for dipping because they are too thin. If they were thicker it would take even longer to dehydrate. I think they are a great alternative for snacking because since I know how long it takes to make them, I actually snack slower. My wife says they are not cost effective because I have to run the dehydrator with its blower for 24 hours but I disagree because I have seen similar products selling for $5.00 in stores and I don’t think 3 plums and running a dehydrator with its blower for 24 hours even comes close to $5.00. Of course, this discounts the cost of the dehydrator itself but eventually it will work out.

My wife and I disagree on many things like she thinks it is too expensive to use as compared to hand washing. She may be right but the dishwasher has the advantage of sanitizing the dishes. I am not about to tell my wife that she is not cleaning the dishes clean enough. The secret of 51 years of marriage is two words – “Yes, Dear.” When she is in the house I let her wash the dishes without complaint or comment but when she is out, I use the dishwasher.

I do a lot of joking about the current virus situation as that is how I handle stress but here is a link to a beautiful poem about the situation and little more on the serious side.

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