Sad tiddings

Since we moved to Texas last September, I have learned recently that three of my fraternal brothers have passed to The Great Architect of the Universe: Gene Bull, Doc Roach, and Herb Hensley. They will be missed.

I stopped using my old free WordPress website in favor of this one but I have a lot of work to do on this one. Let’s see, I have to improve its appearance, monetize it, beef up security, and check all the links. Right now it is crude but effective. I spend too much time on it when I should be doing my homework and writing my novel, writing for Hub Pages.

Yesterday I spent $100 for a plumber to come to our house just to tell my wife that in the Waco area, some neighbors have warm or tepid water coming from the underground pipes in the summertime. I told her this already but evidently, she thinks I am lying to her or don’t know what I am talking about. She was complaining that the warm water coming out of the hose is killing her plants. Now she is complaining that we bought the wrong house. I can’t win. I cannot change what I can’t control, all I can do is control how I cope with the situation.

After the plumber’s visit and a haircut, I took a joyride down to Cameron TX and I think I found the perfect setting for my new novel I am working on as it has a population of 6000 and is about 50 miles from Waco TX. My new novel will basically be like my first novel which I put on the back burner but it has the same premise. There is an unknown worldwide, biological holocaust that kills 99.97% of all animal life, mankind included. My new novel will have more action and conflict to make it marketable.

My barber suggested I use Rosebud TX as my setting but I found it too small to meet my needs so luckily I drove on to Cameron and found what I needed. I have to turn in my first outline Monday night at class so I better get cracking.

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