Sending Supplies and No Need To Build Another Barracks

One of my Forge of Empires friends asked me to send them some supplies. I am posting what I sent them because someone else may ask me the same or similar question. When that happens, all I have to do now is refer them to this post that way I won’t have to retype it, recreate it, try to figure out what I did with the file or even what I named the file. As much as I like helping people, I am lazy, and I want to spend more time playing the game instead of explaining the game.

The following is my answer to their question

As much as I would like to send you supplies, unfortunately, I cannot, nobody can. You have to earn them yourself. Obviously the next question is – how do I earn supplies? There are two ways so bear with me. The first possibility is to do quests, not all quests give you supplies but some do. The more direct way is to build production structures and it looks like you kind of figured that out because you have two hunters and two potteries already. You may have made one or two mistakes so I need to ask you some questions both of which are related to supply production. Up toward the top left of your screen, there is a little smiley face – hopeful you see lots of white teeth because that means your population is enthusiastic – if they are not it means you are not making enough coin or supplies as you could be. To make them more enthusiastic you need to build more decorations, cultural buildings, and roads. The most important thing I learned is to keep your people enthusiastic.

The next important thing is the frequency of your productions, while I am at my keyboard I keep mine at 5 minutes. I only set mine for longer periods when I am going to go to sleep, run an errand, do chores, etc. because I am not around to collect my supplies every five minutes – is this beginning to make sense?. Do the math you make more supplies per hour with the shortest production period than you do during a longer production period. You got to do more work to collect your supplies. with the shorter periods.

You have to be careful with your supplies because they are a limited resource. I noticed you have two spear-fighter barracks I am betting it is because you got a quest that told you to recruit another spear-fighter and even suggested that you build the barracks. You didn’t have to do that but you didn’t know that and neither did I as I had to learn the hard way. You could have just deleted one of your spear fighters and then trained another one to fulfill the recruiting quest. Do you know how to delete a member from your army – it has to do with army management?

So that barracks cost you supplies and real estate, both of which are limited – ask yourself did it improve your game all that much for the cost?

To increase your production you could build more hunters, potteries, etc. but it probably looks like you can’t because they require four things. That is right, I said four things: money, supplies, space, and people. You know about money and supplies are your current problem. Obviously you need space to build but what about the people part – how do you control that?

Sell stuff and build more appropriate buildings. The number just to the left of that smiley face indicates your available population, not your total population but your available population and that is what you are concerned about when building new structures.

You could sell one of your barracks. That is up to you as everyone plays this game differently and there is no wrong way to play the game. What works for me might not suit your personality and that is OK. If you do try to sell one of the barracks write down your available population and total supplies (upper right-hand corner) first. I think you will find both of these numbers will go up after the sale as well as your gold because you freed up some population, made some gold and perhaps even recover some supplies.

Also, you can sell a hut and replace it with a better house that takes up the same real estate which will increase your available population and coin production.

I hope this was helpful. I genuinely enjoy helping people, ask me anything you want. I don’t know everything as I am relatively new in the game, but what I do know I will gladly share with you.

Life is great when you are 75 and still be useful to others.

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