Small victories, new discoveries, and a busy life

I finally figured out how to put multi-pages in one PDF file with my Canon MX922 printer. I have had the printer for about five years but this is the first time I managed to put multiple pages into one PDF file. Instructions were never really intuitive. The trick is you have to scan the documents face up into the automatic document feeder (ADF), and then generate a PDF document from the multiple images. It is a small victory for me but a victory nevertheless.

The other night I looked out my back door window to see if it was raining. It wasn’t but I did see my first wild possum. You would think it would have been a Texas possum but no it was a Virginia Possum, (Didelphis virginiana). It was walking slowly through my backyard just like it owned it. I think it was headed towards my wife’s worm farm for a midnight snack. I didn’t tell my wife that or otherwise, I would have had to buy a bunch of possum traps. Live and let live I say,

Helping my Grandson, Elijah, with his algebra homework, I also learned to print some special characters for mathematics, like infinity ∞, greater than or equal ≥, or approximately equal ≈. What I do is just google for “ASCII code approximately equal” or what every symbol I need then I place my cursor where I want the symbol to appear and hold down the ALT key will typing the code in on the numeric keypad, then release the ALT key and it miraculously appears. At least that is the way you do it in Windows 10. I believe on an Apple machine, it is a bit more complicated. First, go to international system preferences-> input menu and check the box next to “Unicode Hex”. then switch to Unicode input in the menu bar. now to enter a Unicode character you hold alt and enter the hexadecimal Unicode value. Then you have to cut and paste the symbol into your document.

I wasn’t doing Elijah’s homework for him as that I won’t do but I was just creating an answer key for his parents so they could check his homework. Elijah did challenge me on two of my answers, which is a good thing so we had his Uncle Raymond, a math teacher, check our work. Since both our answers were correct the way we wrote them down, one of us wrote down the problem in error. It was me, of course, but I was typing everything so his parents could read it as my handwriting is terrible. Sometimes I can’t even read what I wrote.

I asked my sweetheart of 50 years to go on a date night on September 8 but she turned me down. Go figure! This is the same woman who wants me to buy her 1c diamond earrings for our 50th wedding anniversary in January

Last Wednesday morning I gave the humorous speech to my Early Birds Toastmasters Club as an Icebreaker speech 4-6 minutes. The one I will give to the Humorous Speech Contest on the 29th is a 5-7 minute speech but I made it work somehow and got a ribbon for best speaker. I got some excellent feedback on the speech so I am going to revise my Contest Speech one more time before the contest.

This morning at the Early Birds Toastmasters Club, I have got the role of Topicsmaster which means I will select random members to give a 1-2 minute impromptu on a subject of my choosing.

I still got more to write but the time is getting late and I have to get ready to go to my Toastmasters meeting.

Life is good when you are busy and learn new things.

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