Today is a good day to live

An excellent day, as a matter of fact, it started off with me winning first place in a humorous speech contest that was held by a local Toastmasters International Club of which I am a member, Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers Club 676842.  The club normally meets the second Saturday of each month at the Colin Street Bakery in Bellmead TX at 9 AM sharp but today was a special meeting just for the contest, I guess, need to buy a bigger hat, since I won the contest. The District 25 Toastmasters For Area 44 & 45 will be a tab more difficult, I do believe since there will be some excellent speakers from the nine clubs n the area. That contest which I qualify for by winning today’s local contest will be held in Woodway TX at the Crestview Church of Christ on the 29th of next month at 11 AM. That will give me about a month to practice as the rules are more stringent than our local rules. Our next regularly scheduled meeting will on September 8 and I will be the Toastmaster for the meeting.

I am also thinking seriously joining the Waco – Early Birds Toastmasters Club 3546. They meet every Wednesday morning at 7 AM. They are in a different Toastmasters Area than Bridge Gappers so I can choose a different Toastmasters pathway for them than I did for Bridge Gappers. I like that they meet weekly instead of monthly but 7 AM is just a wee bit early for this old man. I will adjust – I am sure. My wife will surely complain that I am spending far too much money for dues by joining all these clubs. I feel certain that I am spending far less on dues than she does on Bingo – but I will never tell her that.

After the speech contest, there was a writer’s group meeting at 1030 also at Colin Street Bakery. This was my first meeting with them and they meet at various locations, once a month, I believe, and they are very informal. I am not even sure if they have a name. The most important thing I learned at the meeting was that one of my MCC classmates got our instructor’s Scrivener template to work on Windows 10. This is a big deal so I will have to figure out how he did it but there is hope.

After the writer’s meeting, I went out to Crawford Lodge 585, as my brethren were having a blood drive there. Between 8 and 2, Saturday, they got 50 people to donate a unit of blood. That is fantastic there less than 800 people in the whole town. I learned that Valley Mills Lodge 291, not too far from Crawford Lodge is in need of member so I might join that lodge as well. They meet the third Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. I won’t join until after my MCC class finishes so I plan to be there on the 17th of next month. I understand that more than half of their members are from Crawford Lodge anyway.

After all of the aforementioned meetings, I still managed to play some Pokemon Go. I have 11% of what I need to make level 35 and I managed to exchange Pokemon Gifts with almost all of my 27 Pokemon friends.

I think I will drop out of the City Council race to fill the vacant seat until of May of next year as there are just too many people running. If I drop out of the race there will still be five candidates running. I hope someone else drops out as well otherwise it will cost the City of Hewitt unnecessary expense as I don’t think anyone will get the required 50% +1 of the votes cast to be declared a winner – so there will most likely be a run-off election. I just volunteer to fill a vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Commission until I can run for a City Council seat for one full term. I do believe in term limits.

Life is good when everything is fun

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