Went to lodge last night – the first time in many moons

That in itself is kind of funny because my lodge is a moon lodge, White Rock Lodge No 347 AF&AM. We meet on the first Wednesday after a full moon at seven pm. Our next scheduled meeting will be on 8/29/18. It was good to join my brothers again.

I was elected into the lodge last December but missed January’s meeting because I screwed up on the full moon schedule. I actually went but I was a week late and nobody was there of course. Then I had a couple of health issues that kept me away until last night. It is a small lodge as far as membership goes. I think, we only have 23 members and only about half of them were there last night. The lodge was originally chartered in 1872 and turned in their charter in 1917 because a tornado blew down the church they were meeting in upstairs. They rebuild the church but only as a single story structure so they had no place to meet. In 2004, it was reconstituted in 2004 as an educational lodge and we meet in the Karen Shrine in Waco.

They had an interesting presentation on the history of our commendatory coin we give our first-time visitors and newly elected members. The history of this coin also explained the symbols on it. At one point the brother who made the presentation made reference to our lodge name and number with a tie into numerology and Jewish Kabbalah. This one reference triggered a mathematical proof that I called “summing the digits” or “clearing the nines” that the presenter and I discussed after the meeting. He seemed intrigued by the concept if he could Google it so I assured him he could but unfortunately I gave his some wrong poop. I gave him my card and told him to email me if he had trouble finding it. I hope he does email me or at least reads my blog because what he needs to look for on Google is “digital root”. I had to do some searching myself to find the aforementioned hyperlink. The presenter was a former member of the lodge, at the time when the commemorative coin was designed but now lives closer to Dallas.

I need to check on my membership application in the Shrine as that is one of the masonry appellate bodies that I have never been a member of but many of my fraternal brothers wanted me to join. Again recent health issues put a damper on many of my activities but I am feeling good now. I still do not have a dues card from White Rock Lodge, as the Grand Lodge of Texas had a glitch with their membership program but I think that is resolved, I will check with Grand Lodge tomorrow or Monday. The only reason I need a dies card is to check out material from the Grand Lodge Library.

I also want to join Crawford Lodge 585 as they are an active more traditional lodge. I didn’t know how to get there and their address would not register on my GPS but I got some pretty clear instructions on how to get there last night. It is just like going to the Shrine but instead of turning right on Highway 185, I will turn left and drive about 20 miles, the lodge is just before I cross the railroad tracks. I will go there today even though they do not meet until the second Monday of the month so their next meeting will be on the 13th at 7 pm. I think they have a dinner there at 6 before the meeting. If I find it today, I will lock it in my GPS as a saved location. The reason I want to join the Crawford Lodge is for the same reason that I joined White Rock Lodge, their stated communications do not conflict with any of the other 16 lodges in the area and I like to do a lot of visitation.

Changing gears away from Masonry for the moment, I would like to add that I started on my first article for HubPages, com. It is a learning process but it is fun.

Life is good when you are busy and having fun.

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